Who the devil are we?

We are George, Hollie and Meryl. A self-taught distiller, a talented designer and a sausage dog. Producing and curating alcohol products to quash the alarmingly-increasing issue of bad alcohol gifting. 

How on earth did it start?

After a slightly premature mid-life crisis, an obsessive interest in drinks (mainly the consumption of) and a desire to own a business,
the unnamed and aimless company was formed. Distillation was introduced at an experience day, which prompted a ‘F**k it' moment, involving the purchase of a garden shed (the distillery) and a 5l test still. In January 2018, after a year of test distillations, product design, licensing, reading, learning and arguing… Duck and Crutch was officially born.

Why Duck and Crutch?

As the more cultured of you may know, 'duck and a crutch' is a bingo call for the number 27. Our first distillation momentously took place on Hollie's 27th birthday and thus the name was confirmed.

New Products

English Sparkling Wine

English Sparkling Wine


On the wine...

 “English sparkling wine is extraordinary. English people have a responsibility to discover it and be faithful to it - and we wanted to be a part of that. Wine producers in England embrace horrendously unpredictable weather conditions, causing huge variance year-on-year in the production of their wine. With no regionalised or stylistic restrictions in England, unlike our european mates, producers can be creative and celebrate variance in their grapes whilst continuing to use traditional sparkling wine-making methods (the same as Champagne, no less… but generally on a much smaller scale). Resulting in incredibly high quality but distinctive vintages. It was a revolutionary discovery for us, so get on it. You won’t be disappointed. George & Hollie.”